Bruno Stairlifts in Menomen Falls, Wisconsin


Stairlifts are a helpful product for those who need them. They are a magnificent tool made to assist those who need an extra hand getting up and down the stairs of a home every day. You may be in need of one if you are struggling in your home, so why not consider getting one of the best stairlifts available? If you are in the Menomen Falls, Wisconsin area and have a disability that affects your ability to go up and down flights of stairs, a Bruno stairlift from us here at is an absolute must for your home.

Custom Fit Lifts for your Home

With a stairlift from, you are guaranteed to get a lift made to suit your home’s specific needs for your specific lifestyle. We offer stairlifts from Bruno, a well-known manufacturer of high quality accessibility lifts. If you have a straight set of stairs in your home, we have straight Bruno lift well-suited for your needs. Are you a home owner with a more unique set of stairs? A set of stairs that curves and bends around is no match to a custom curved stairlift, which is tailored to fit the shape of your home’s stairs with no problems at all. If you have a set of stairs that are outdoors, we offer a special stairlift made for outdoor purposes. Our outdoor lifts are different from our indoor lifts, as they are specially made to endure the tests of the outdoors. With heavy duty materials and smooth design, you will get the same quality you need and deserve in the outdoors as well as the indoors.

If you are looking for a lift but worried about the style and look of your home, do not worry! Many of our Bruno stairlifts will keep your Menomen Falls home in style. With various options on some of our lift models, you can get the look you need to keep the interior of your home looking good. You can change some of our stairlift options with various aesthetics such as colors, upholsteries, and finishes to suit your preferences. No clunky, out of place looking accessibility products for your Menomen Falls home!

Accessibility has Never Been Easier than Here at

We know it might be frightening, confusing, and overwhelming to get a product like this installed into your home. We are here to help you with any questions, comments, and concerns you may have. If you know little to nothing about chairlifts, we can make you an expert in no time so you can make an informed decision with ease. With our friendly staff comprised of experts that have a combined century’s worth of experience and products from the Bruno brand, you know you have a company you can trust at Milwaukee Stairlift. If you are in the Menomen Falls area and in need of a stairlift for your home, do not hesitate to contact us today for an in-home consultation!