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Choosing a stairlift dealer and installer can be a difficult choice to make. You have to weigh in a company’s expertise, customer service, and of course, their products in order to make the best choice possible. A stairlift is not a product to shop around for in a light manner. You cannot simply just go and find the cheapest stairlift and installation possible and hope for the best, as these products can make the difference between good and bad health. This is why it is important to ensure you have a company that has everything in one package: great service, high quality products, and many years of experience. This is what separates from the rest of the pack. We are the number one dealer and installer of stairlifts in the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin area.

High Quality Stairlifts in Wauwatosa

Having any stairlift in your home isn’t satisfactory. You can always save a few dollars by going with a low end product, one that you will end up paying more out of pocket for in the future due to frequent repairs and maintenance, and you will also lack the safety that a better stairlift would give you. If you are getting a stairlift for your Wauwatosa home, you should invest in a higher stairlift. A stairlift brand like Bruno is the best way to go, as they are known as the high quality lifts you need. Bruno has been manufacturing high quality stairlifts for decades, and is a certified Bruno dealer. We deal exclusively in Bruno lifts because they are the only ones we trust to give our Wauwatosa customers the best experience.

Excellent Stairlift Services for the Residents of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Here at, we strive to provide the best services possible for our customers in the area. We work hard to ensure that our customers know that we are willing to help them with any problems that may arise from accessibility in their homes, whether it be the initial need for a lift in the first place, the installation process itself, or any repairs and maintenance checks after the installation is done in the home. We like to ensure that our customers feel confident about our services, and they can come to us with any questions or concerns about their stairlift.

We only hire technicians that are guaranteed to do things the Access way. Our techs are experienced and knowledgeable, so they know everything and anything there is to know about stairlifts. We will not rest until you have a safe stairlift in your home that you can ride with confidence!

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We are ready to help you get into a new stairlift for your home. is the number one dealer in Wauwatosa for lifts, and we are ready to show you our expertise and magnificent products. If you are in the Wauwatosa area looking for some extra accessibility up and down your stairs, contact us today or visit our showroom for more information!