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Our team of mobility experts has over a century of combined experience improving the lives of those with disabilities by providing quality accessibility products and property adaptations. We’ve made your safety and convenience our top priority since 1990.

Long staircases with multiple switchbacks can make it difficult for older family members to move around the house. That’s why many households turn to Milwaukee Stair Lifts. We offer a wide selection of stair lifts in Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha, LaCrosse, Appleton, WI, and surrounding areas to meet all your needs.

The ideal stair lift may vary depending on your home and household. Curved stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, rental stair lifts, and pre-owned stair lifts are all excellent options for optimal accessibility and comfort. Understanding your physical needs and circumstances can help you choose the most appropriate model.

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Straight Stair Lifts

With a straight stair lift installation, you or your loved one can safely move from floor to floor. The stairs are no longer an obstacle. Straight stair lifts travel along a single line, and an experienced technician can install them quickly and easily.

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Curved Stair Lifts

If your home features a winding staircase with one or more switchbacks, curved stair lifts are the go-to choice. These are more complex than straight stair lifts and allow you to navigate stairwells of any shape or style. Our team can help you determine which design works best for you and inform you about stair lift sales and financing options available.

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Outdoor Stair lifts

Outdoor staircases present a unique challenge for aging adults. Water, wind, debris, ice, and other factors can present serious hazards. At Milwaukee Stair Lifts, we offer outdoor stair lifts to weather the elements and make going up and down the stairs as safe as possible.

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Stair Lift Rentals

Many households could benefit from a state-of-the-art stair lift, but they might only need it for a little while. In that case, you can rent a stair lift to use and return as necessary. Contact us to learn about our stair lift rental solutions!

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Used / Pre-Owned Stair Lifts

Straight, curved, and outdoor stair lifts are major investments. If you want to save money without sacrificing reliability and comfort, consider purchasing a pre-owned stair lift. Pre-owned stair lifts have helped many people with mobility issues in the past, and they can help you get where you need to go in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stair Lifts

How do I know if a stairlift is right for me?

Fill out our customer questionnaire on the site to see if a stair lift will work well for you. Additionally, you can fill out the contact us form and an accessibility specialist will contact you to answer your specific questions.

How much should I expect to pay for a stairlift?

Straight stair lifts range in price from $2,700 to $4,400 installed. Custom Curved chair lifts start at $6,500 installed and can go up depending on options, stairway configuration and total length.

What is the warranty on a stairlift?

Bruno offers 2 years on parts, and 5 years on the motor and drive train. Milwaukee Stair Lifts offers a 1-year labor warranty on all installations and we extend the Bruno powertrain warranty to a lifetime warranty when purchased and installed through us.

How do I know which stairlift I should get for my home?

This depends on your particular health conditions and your stair configuration. Our customer questionnaire can help as well as a home consultation.

Can I install a stairlift myself?

While stair lifts are not too difficult to install, a poorly installed stair lift can cause safety concerns. The price of a factory installation is less than 8% of the total purchase price and will provide you with the comfort of knowing it is covered by our 1-year labor warranty and safe to use.

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